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Everything You Need to Use Reusable Nappies!

The idea of opting for reusable nappies may seem confusing and time consuming in the beginning for most of us. But, once you get started, you will be surprised at how simple and less intimidating it actually is!

In this blog, we break down the steps on how to get started with reusable baby nappies so as to make your cloth nappy journeys a success! With information at your fingertips, coming from experienced sources, on how to select a nappy system that suits your lifestyle and the well being of your little ones, you will be proud of yourself for making one of the best decisions of your lives!

What is a reusable nappy?

The name, ‘reusable nappy’ might sound a bit unfamiliar to you as their disposable counterparts are all over the ads and most people are seen using them everywhere. But with awareness increasing around the benefits of cloth nappies, they have regained popularity in recent times.

With the help of this blog, we intend to educate you on what cloth nappies are and how easy it is to use them.

Reusable cloth nappies for newborns from brands like Hippybottomus are almost identical to a disposable nappy. They are made from bamboo fleece in the interior and on the exterior, they are made of 100% polyester. They come in colorful designs and with snap closures. Not only are they extremely soft against your babies’ skin but are also fast drying with high absorbency.

Also available in the collection of reusable baby accessories are reusable baby wipes and swim nappies for babies!

What do you need to get started?

Stay dry cloth nappies – To begin with, you’ll need 20-24 reusable nappies depending on the need of your baby (and age). However, if you would like to just trial them at first we recommend 10-15. We recommend you to start with a trial stash pack.

Biodegradable nappy liners – Although optional, these may come handy when your baby starts weaning as they can hold the solids and can be easily discarded.

Nappy inserts – They can be used for extra absorbency at night times. Hippybottomus nappies come with one insert and extra inserts or gusseted bamboo insert can be purchased.

Wet bags to store dirty nappies – A waterproof bag is just what you need to store dirty nappies when you are out.

Reusable baby wipes – Bamboo wipes are soft on your bay’s skin and are just the ideal way to clean your baby.

What do you need to clean your reusable nappies?

Having a reusable nappy arsenal is easier than you thought! Here’s all you need:

A dry pail: It is generally convenient to keep the soiled nappies in a dry pail with lots of airflow. When it’s time to wash the nappies, all you have to do is pick up the dry pail and empty the nappies into your washing machine This method is called dry pailing. In the past cloth nappies were usually soaked in detergent and sanitizer to keep them free of any smell. This method, called wet pailing, is no longer required with modern cloth nappies. The materials used in the manufacturing of Hippybottomus nappies, as well as a thorough clean in the washing machine is sufficient in deodorising and sanitising. You can then hang your nappies outside to further enhance your cleaning procedure!

Detergent: It is advisable to use a detergent that has no harsh chemicals to wash your dirty nappies and wipes. Enzymes, softeners and optical brighteners can mess with the absorbency and the waterproof layer of the nappies.

Get started on your cloth nappy journey today and don’t forget to get in touch with us in case of any queries!

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