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Newborn Hack for Hippybottomus Nappies

Here is a step by step guide for the so called Newborn Hack. It is a great way to make the nappies even smaller for very little babies. However some bigger newborns may not need this at all.

Step 1:

Set the nappy on the medium setting for the length

Step 2:

Fold the front over that just the bottom row of three buttons is visible

Step 3:

Depending on the size of the baby you may attach one side to the middle button (or for even smaller legs attach the leg snap to the right side)

Step 4:

Now fold the left side over and attach on top of other side (for a smaller setting attach the leg snap to the left side button and then one of the belly snaps on top of the right side)

All done until the next nappy change!