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How to Use



QUESTION: What do I do with the inserts?
ANSWER: The inserts are placed inside the pocket of your reusable nappy. Usually one insert is enough, but you can also use more to increase absorbency (this is especially useful of a night). Each nappy comes with one insert, and extras can be found on the “Nappy Accessories” page.

QUESTION: How do I adjust the size of my cloth nappy?
ANSWER: The size is adjusted with the bottom 3 rows of snaps (9 snaps in total)

 +   +   +       row 1
 +   +   +       row 2
 +   +   +       row 3

For small size - fold the bottom row of snaps (row 3) up and clip them into row 1

For medium size - fold the middle row of snaps (row 2) up and clip them into row 1

For large size - leave all 3 rows unsnapped

The other snaps are used to adjust the size around the waist  (very top row) and around the legs (second row from top)


Introduction to Hippybottomus Nappies