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Care & Wash Instructions



  • Store used/dirty nappies in an airy pail / basket and wash them within 2-3 days
  • Remove any solids before washing. You can also use nappy liners to catch solids and then dispose of thoughtfully
  • Do not soak nappies as this will wear out the nappies faster
  • We do not recommend to Napisan the nappies


  • All of your nappies can be washed together as the colours will not run
  • Do a rinse cycle first or add a pre-rinse to your cycle
  • Maximum wash temperature is 40°C for the shells (high temperatures will affect the waterproof layer). Inserts can be washed at any temperature.
  • We recommend that you DO NOT use any detergent that contains:
    • bleach (including oxygen bleach/whiteners)
    • enzymes
    • fabric softener
    • plant oils
    • any other additives (including brighteners, whiteners, dyes, perfumes, essential oils etc)


  • Do not tumble dry nappy shells
  • We recommend drying nappies in the sun (as it is a natural bleach) - although direct sunlight is not required, just exposure to natural light
  • Hang nappies on the line on their side to avoid the elastic stretching


  • Be gentle when undoing the snaps so that you don’t weaken the material
  • DO NOT USE BARRIER CREAMS, as they will leave a film on the nappies which will reduce their absorbency. You could try a cornstarch powder instead or something like coconut oil

Pre First Use Wash Instructions

  • To build the absorbency of the nappies (especially the inserts, think of them like a new towel) your can either:
a) Wash the inserts 4 times in the washing machine. You do not need to dry them between each wash. You only need to use detergent for one cycle

b) Alternatively you can soak the nappies in a water for 24 hours and then wash in the washing machine once with detergent

Strip Cleaning Nappies EVERY 3-6 MONTHS or if you need to increase absorbency:

  • First wash your clean nappies in warm water (40°C) with no detergent filled up to a high level
  • Then wash your nappies again using a small amount of dishwashing liquid (yes, the one you use on your dishes - one that has no moisturiser). You can put the liquid directly into the drum of your machine
  • Rinse as many times as necessary to remove any suds