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About Us

Hippybottomus began with an Aussie Mum, on the Northern Beaches of Sydney, who wanted to encourage more parents to discover the ease, economy and above all the environmental benefits of modern cloth nappies over disposable nappies! Three daughters and one son and 15 nieces and nephews later Hippybottomus came into being.

In this endeavour, a whole range of cloth nappies – made with nature friendly materials were made available in the offering at Hippybottomus. You can find reusable bamboo nappies and also the best reusable swimming nappies for your little ones. They have been widely used and bought online by hundreds of mums. These cloth diapers have been tested and fine-tuned by all of the family as well as our many happy customers.

We hope you love our baby cloth nappies as much as our little people in Australia have enjoyed wearing them!