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Another year of expos comes to an end

Wow it's November already, which means we have hit our summer break from expos for 3 months. While the break is much needed, it comes after a great year of 9 expos.

Hippybottomus Cloth Nappy expo display

Hippybottomus has been in business selling modern cloth nappies for 8 years now, with our expo circuit beginning around 3 years ago. And although it has brought on a whole lot of loooooong weekends travelling all over Australia, leaving family behind and catching many a red eye flight, it has been an amazing opportunity to connect. Doing business mostly in the virtual online world makes expos a refreshing change. We just love meeting such an array of people. Pregnant mamas and their partners, grandparents, sisters, friends, new mums and dads and more experienced ones too (with kids in tow). People that have never heard of reusable nappies until they came to the expo and others that seem to know as much about reusable nappies as us. Old, young. Culturally diverse. Excited, anxious. It really gives us a buzz to be able to connect with so many people over these weekends and help them on their journey as best as we can. Whether they end up using cloth nappies or not, what we are continually satisfied with, is that we have educated them that the option exists. And that modern cloth nappies are worlds away from terry towelling squares.

Rainbow selection of Hippybottomus modern cloth nappy colours

Not only do we love to chat and connect with the pujblic, we also love the chance the expos give us to meet other great companies and their teams. We have discovered so many amazing products and met so many amazing people since we have started to do expos and we are so grateful for all of these new friendships. From yummy maternity teas & natural skincare to comfy carriers & essential oils, there really are some great products available to mamas and their bubs these days. And what we love about this industry, is that behind most of these companies is a passionate mum that has developed a fantastic product they want to share with other mums.

Hippopotamus mascot wearing a Hippybottomus modern cloth nappy

Expos have also allowed us a wonderful opportunity to connect with the other major reusable nappy companies. It is so nice to see that the industry is full of determined, passionate, friendly and authentic mums working together to encourage more parents to Go Cloth. It is a mission that we take together to educate and inform the public that modern cloth nappies really are easy to use and wash, will save you thousands of dollars, are nicer for your babies' skin and are much better for the environment. Often all it takes for new parents is for them to know that there is a community of cloth nappy users and sellers out there all willing to support and encourage their decision and that this community is growing by the day!!!

So, until the end of February we will nkow hibernate back at headquarters, using the extra time to spend with family and friends over this summer season and of course to continue to promote cloth nappies and Hippybottomus online!!!

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