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Recommended Cloth Nappy Stash for Hippybottomus Australia

Recommended Nappy Stash

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This selection of nappies is our product recommendation to get started using cloth nappies and based on washing every 2-3 days.

This stash includes:

  • 22 x stay dry bamboo nappies (each nappy includes an insert)
  • 6 x extra bamboo inserts (mix of both, depending on availability)
  • 2 x wetbags
  • BONUS 4 x reusable bamboo wipes (this is currently being replaced by 2 extra large wipes / burping cloths PLUS a small wetbag as we wait for our regular wipes to arrive)

We can either include a mix of colours based on your babies sex, or you can specify exactly what you want when you place your order above for a customised pack.