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Recommended Cloth Nappy Stash for Hippybottomus Australia

Backorder- Recommended Nappy Stash

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This selection of nappies is our product recommendation to get started using cloth nappies and based on washing every 2-3 days.

This stash includes:

  • 22 x stay dry bamboo nappies (each nappy includes an insert)
  • 6 x extra bamboo inserts  ( 3 gusseted and 3 bamboo inserts)
  • 2 x wetbags
  • BONUS 4 x reusable bamboo wipes, 2x burping cloths or mini wetbag (depends on availablility) 

We can either include a mix of colours based on your babies sex, or you can specify exactly what you want when you place your order above for a customised pack.

Pictures show the amount of items in the pack and do not represent available designs.

New stock will arrive mid August

If you would like to receive the stash now please select from the available designs.