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Which nappies are best for newborn babies? A look at our cloth nappy options.

As a new mum it is very coming and understandable to feel anxious. Sleepless nights from your baby waking up, changing diapers frequently and post pregnancy fatigue – all this may be daunting in the initial days for you and your partner. But with time and great tips pouring in from the experienced, you are sure to blend into the new patterns!

For starters, it's a great idea for new mums to get clear on what they need for their babies. Once that is done, you can go ahead and do some shopping so that you are better prepared for the coming days. For instance – which nappies are the best for your newborns?

Choosing the best reusable nappies for your newborn

You may have heard about the benefits that modern cloth nappies offer over the disposable ones that are available for your babies. Cloth nappies are by far the most comfortable option for your newborns as they are free from harmful chemicals and made from natural materials. They take care of your babies’ sensitive skin right from the beginning keeping issues like diaper rashes / nappy rashes, redness and skin irritation, at bay!

With the range of stay dry bamboo cloth nappies that Hippybottomus offers, you can stay assured that you have made the best decision relating to your babies nappies.

Stay Dry Bamboo Cloth Nappies

Cost effective & environment friendly

Affordability is undoubtedly one of the best benefits that you get with cloth nappies. In spite of the water and electricity costs involved to wash them, they work out to be way more economical than the disposable ones. Plus, they are eco disposable ; they reduce landfill wastes and your carbon footprint as well as helping you contribute towards sustainability of the environment.

Still skeptical? Try out a small pack and see how it works for you!

Reusable Swim nappies / beach time nappies for your toddler

When you take your baby out for swimming, it’s important to be sure that they are wearing swim nappies.

Hippybottomus has a range in the offering with latest designs and in sizes – small, medium and large. They are lightweight and dry up fast and  enable your baby to move with ease. They differ from the non swim nappies in that they lack in water absorbency capacity, allowing water to pass through the inner mesh, whilst still having a waterproof outer. It is super easy to change reusable swim nappies, so you can just carry a few in your baby nappy bag in case of an accident!

Swim Nappies

To sum up, reusable cloth nappies are a lot better for your babies’ skin and the environment as well as kinder to your pockets! Nevertheless, there is an effort involved in starting to get used to them!

If you are still unsure and need any more help to make up your mind, do get in touch with us!

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