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Travelling with Cloth Nappies

Do you use cloth nappies on your baby while at home? Then you would know the various benefits and challenges they come with. While cloth nappies are considered the best for babies, they can seem overwhelming while travelling. The thought of using cloth nappies while travelling or while on a vacation can be daunting if you are not prepared for it. Here is how you can overcome the apprehension and travel with cloth nappies.

Be prepared - Poop-plosion is real!

There are a lot of things to keep in mind with poop explosion being the first and foremost. Well, it is a part of life, and very common since your baby is exposed to a new place and different new food, which reacts funnily in their belly. Not to worry, it can be avoided if you use properly fitting cloth nappies. You just have to be prepared to change your baby anywhere, anytime! Keep plenty of cloth wipes and water at your disposal, along with wet bags to pack them in.

Wash, wash, and WASH!

To wash the nappies or not to wash them is a concern many travellers travelling with cloth nappies have. Washing is the hardest part of cloth nappies and you must be prepared for it. While you are home, you have a count of the dry nappies you have, and you can plan to wash the soiled ones at your convenience. But when you are travelling with cloth nappies, you pack only a few of them, enough to get you by. But you never know when you may need more. Hence, washing them regularly is vital. 

Washing cloth nappies can be tricky while travelling, especially if you don't have access to a washing machine or a laundromat. There are a lot of things you must consider, from how many dry nappies you have to whether the washed nappies will dry before you run out of clean dry cloth nappies.  Everything may seem complicated, but it is not. All you have to do is think through the washing routine.

What to pack?

Here is the list!

The number of nappies you will carry is proportionate to the number of days you will travel and the frequency of poop and pee. There is no definite number to it. You can judge by the number of nappies you use in a day, plus a couple of extras.

Wet bags are your best friends, they are your saviours! If you don't have one, it is high time you order them, especially if you are travelling with cloth nappies. Imagine an explosion while you are in an aeroplane. How would you pack the soiled cloth diapers and wipes? Wet bags can hold the soiled nappies and wipes, and since Hippybottomus wet bags are waterproof, they don't have to worry about leaks and stench. 

  • Carry backup disposals

While it is always ideal to use reusable cloth nappies, there is no harm in carrying a couple of disposable nappies. Use them only if you are out of cloth nappies or in case of emergencies.

If you are travelling, then wipes are a vital part of your nappy bag. While disposable wipes work magic, they can cause harm to your baby’s skin. Furthermore, a cotton pad and water can clean as well as a wet wipe. So pack enough reusable wipes. They are not only eco-friendly but also budget-friendly.

Nappy liners and inserts are placed within the nappy. They are quite useful, especially when you are travelling. You can either use reusable nappy liners or biodegradable nappy liners.

  • Wash accessories

You will also need cloth-safe detergent to wash and reuse the soiled nappies and a dryer rack to dry them after washing. If you want to travel light, you may ignore the rack and dry the nappies somewhere under the sun using a laundry line.

In addition to the above, you may also carry dryer balls, a lightweight, waterproof nappy changing pad, and cloth-safe nappy rash cream. Remember, travelling with cloth nappies may seem to be overwhelming. But if you are well prepared, you can make the journey pleasant and stress-free.

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