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The Long List Of Wet Bag Uses Beyond Cloth Nappying

Imagine you are at dinner having a great time with family and friends, and your baby decides to poop. You are away from your nappy pail, and there is no way you can wash it! What do you do? That's where a wet bag comes in for help, right? Wet bags are waterproof or water-resistant, leak-proof bags that can be sealed with zippers, and used to store used cloth diapers for a short while. They also lock in the odour and hence are best suited for use during outings and between washings. Is that all they are used for?

Wet bags are handy for far more things than to store used reusable nappies. Here is the long list of the wet bag uses beyond cloth nappying.

  • The actual use

Wet bags are used to store soiled nappies until it is time to wash them. In addition, they are used to store reusable swim nappies, inserts, liners, and reusable wipes especially once they are used. Furthermore, some parents also use wet bags to store used bibs while on the go. 

Bottles and Formula: Wet bags are ideal to store bottles and formula while on the go, and also at home. You can also store the used bottles until it is time for washing. The wet bags will ensure that any leftover formula does not leak out onto the counter or into a travel bag.

Change of clothes: While in school or daycare, kids can accidentally soil their clothes with pee, poop and even food. The best use of a wet bag is to store these soiled clothes.

Snacks: As these bags are designed to keep moisture in, they can be used as snack bags to keep lunch or any other food fresh while on the go.

Stationery: These bags can be used to store pens, pencils, colours, paint brushes, crayons and various other stationery items.

Toy storage: You just stepped on a piece of Lego! Ouch! If Lego or Duplo makes your child happy, then you may put wet bags to good use and store these toys in them. In addition to Lego and Duplo, wet bags can be used to store other toys as well. 

Accessories: Mobile chargers, earphones, cable wires, and spare wall plugs are only some of the electronic items that are difficult to store in a drawer without getting them tangled or making a mess. You may use a wet bag to store them, as well as keep them away from your little one. In addition to electronic items, wet bags can be used to store makeup, hair accessories and various other miscellaneous items.

Beach/Pool Bag: As they are leakproof, wet bags are the best solution to carry used swimwear after a day at the beach or the pool.

Gym clothes: In addition to being leakproof, wet bags don't let the odour out and hence are best suited to store gym clothes and used socks.

Sanitary pads: Wet bags also are suitable to store sanitary pads and menstrual cups. Furthermore, they can be used to store soiled reusable sanitary pads between washing.

Travel companion: Wet bags are the best travel companions. They can be used to carry anything, from first aid to toiletries, tissue papers, and more. 

Garbage Bag: Wet bags are leakproof, and lock odour, and hence the best trash bags, especially when you are travelling. You can move them and not worry about any spill.

Ice pack: Just toss a couple of ice into the mini wet bags and use them as ice packs on bumps and bruises.

Motion sickness: Puke bags are not often carried by travellers. In such cases, you may use a wet bag. It locks the odour in and conceals any accidents.

Splash proof: Whether you are trekking in the rain or having a picnic by a waterfall, wet bags can safely store your valuables and save them from a splash of water.

These are only a few uses of wet bags. In addition to these, the fancy and stylish wet bags from Hippybottomus can be used as stroller bags, craft bags, laundry bags, medical kits, change mat bags, and more.

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