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Our Guide to Reusable Swim Nappies and Swim Pants!

Simple pleasures in life make the best memories that last a lifetime. Now can you imagine the awkward management that comes with the simple pleasure of taking your infant swimming? Yes, you got it right! Poop pee will keep you running around faster than a flash of light. While swimming is one of the best ways to create memories, there are a few things you must consider.

Do I need a swim nappy?

Yes! If you are planning to step into the swimming pool with your baby, then your baby must wear a swim nappy to keep the poo from contaminating the pool. Your regular nappies, as good as they might be, are not suitable as they can absorb the pool water and make it difficult for the baby to move. Normal swimwear, on the other hand, will not protect against poop in case of an accident while in the pool. Hence, you will need a swim nappy, especially if you don’t want any unwanted incidents to ruin the day.

Which swim nappy is the best?

You have two great options! Disposable swim nappies and reusable swim nappies. Disposable swim nappies are fancy and cute little plasticky swimsuits that look good. They are very convenient as you simply dispose of them after use. But, would you be comfortable wearing a plasticky swimsuit on a hot summer day? Wouldn't that be uncomfortable? Now, would you put that on, on your baby's delicate skin?

Hippybottomus reusable swim nappies are designed for comfort. They will ensure that your baby’s delicate skin is not harmed while you create beautiful memories that last a lifetime. Reusable swim nappies have super soft mesh lining which makes the swimwear lightweight. It also does not absorb the pool water, making it the most ideal choice. Before you rush to buy them, make sure to check the size and weight range. Anything too tight would mean that you will be struggling to pull down the wet nappy, and anything too loose would mean the poop has compromised the pool.

What benefits do reusable swim nappies offer?

Comfort! Yes, that’s right! That’s the key benefit of a reusable swim nappy. It is lightweight and comfortable, even on a hot summer day. When your baby is comfortable, they are happy. What more can you ask for, right? If you are a parent who loves water and wants to spend more family time in the pool, a lake house, or at a beach, then reusable swim nappies must be on your list of 'Must Have!' They not only offer the best comfort, but they also save you a lot of money. Can you imagine the money you would have spent on disposable nappies? One poop and they go to the bin. That's like throwing money away.

Reusable swim nappies are easy to use, which means, there are no tantrums during ‘change time’. Whether it is in the water or out, they are very comfortable as they are stretchy and there is no chafing. They come in different sizes with adjustable fit suitable for infants and children of all ages.        

What about swim pants?

Reusable swim pants are designed for older kids. They are as comfortable as reusable swim nappies. They are easy to use. You just put them up and go, no hooking or fastening is needed. These reusable swim pants have a comfortable elasticated waistline and also leg opening. They are best suited for kids that have overgrown nappes or do not want to wear one.

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