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How reusable bamboo nappies can help with toilet training

Thinking about switching over to cloth nappies but toilet training’s on the horizon and you are not quite sure whether it is a good idea!

No matter when you make the switch over to cloth nappies you won't regret it!

Reasons? Read on to understand why more and more people are opting to be part of the reusable nappy system instead of their disposable counterparts.

1. Stop waste and become more eco-friendly!

Did you know that a staggering 3.75 million disposable nappies are used each day in Australia and New Zealand, which eventually end up in landfills? Also, they take around 150 years to break down or decompose leaving a huge impact on the environment. Besides, it takes one cup of crude oil to make each nappy!

On the other hand, the impact of cloth nappies is mostly because of the detergents, water and energy used to rinse, and these are far more environmentally friendly than the disposables.

Besides, as parents, all of us must have gone through situations when we had to dispose of a fresh nappy that had gotten soiled almost immediately. Same is the case with potty training! Having to dispose of a nappy without it having been used for even an hour is both painful and a colossal waste!

 2. Cloth nappies speed up the process

Disposable nappies are designed to give maximum comfort to babies. But thanks to the presence of a chemical called sodium polyacrylate present in the nappy, your child does not feel wet or dirty which negates the whole objective of potty training. This is not the case with the cloth nappies where your child expresses discomfort and realizes when the nappies get soiled. Thus, it helps speeden up the process of your potty training!

 3. Cost benefits

Cost saving during potty training? Yes, the initial investment may be a little high, and disposable nappies may seem to be the easier choice. But don’t worry, you’ll get through it faster than you thought and eventually realize that it was worthwhile. 

Finding the right fit and a brand that you can trust and then stock up some – this will be your initial investment. Also, buying in stacks will help you have ample back-ups, while you are washing, drying and getting another set ready!

And you can also use your same set of nappies for a second child, which means for this child you won't have to spend a cent on nappies. If you don't decide to have another child, you can sell your stash second hand to recuperate part of your investment.

 4. Convenience

There might be times when you would want to go back to disposable nappies. But think about this – how many times has it so happened that you realize you have run out of nappies, and it is already 8pm!

Reusable nappies are saviors in such situations. And, the best thing is – you can find one size fits all nappies from brands like Hippybottomus. So, no more buying in bulk and realizing that your baby has grown out of the size.  This also means that if you use the same nappies for a second child, you can adjust them to the newborn size.

Also, extra nappy liners that come with stacks in these brands make cleaning up soiled mess much easier, and all the waste can simply go in the loo without much hassle. So, say goodbye to messy dustbins!

 5. Benefits to the skin and health

Nappy rash is one of the most commonly faced concerns with new parents. Although this is an issue that can occur to all babies especially if they have sensitive skin, irrespective of the type of nappies, cloth nappies as opposed to disposable ones use natural materials and are thus, softer and safer to baby’s skin.

They do not contain fragrances which are only extra chemicals that your baby’s skin has to endure. Do you really want to put your baby through the harsh chemical in order to get that fresh smell – the choice is all yours!

Hippybottomus was created with a vision to bring about a change – to be kinder and gentler to baby skin, give them a natural touch and a safer childhood, and also make the world a better place for our children.

Remember, you have to make the change to BE THE CHANGE. Switch over to reusable cloth nappies, today!

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