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Giving an Eco Baby Gift when you can't be there in person.

The coming of a baby into a family resonates with lots of hustle bustle, happy baby sounds and cheer all around the house. It may not always be possible to visit family or close friends, thanks to the situation of the global pandemic but it is always possible to reach out with a newborn baby gift set, maybe something eco-friendly!

You may miss out on the newborn baby cuddles but why not bring some cheer to the baby and the new parents by sending them your good thoughts.

Why eco-friendly gift sets?

Thanks to the virtues of the internet, we have an array of gifting options available at our fingertips today. But did you know that, according to a recent survey, around 71% consumers worldwide prefer sustainable goods even if they have to pay more for it? Also, more than 40% parents are inspired to get ecofriendly products for their babies.

Gifts are a nice reflection of how much you care; what could be better than gifting environmental conscious parents-to-be with something that is sustainable and thoughtful at the same time than something that is not useful and land up being in wastes!

Sustainable gifting options for babies

Online shopping has opened a world of possibilities for consumers worldwide. And with award winning brands like Hippybottomus, it is now possible to help new parents adopt sustainable lifestyles when their baby arrives.
What can you have in your customized gift packs?

Eco Friendly Nappies
Baby cloth diapers that are reusable and 100% waterproof. They are manufactured using natural materials that keep your baby’s skin safe unlike disposable diapers.

Ecofriendly baby wipes that are washable and reusable. They can serve variety of purposes right from using as face wipes or keeping baby clothes clean from burps etc. to wiping their bottoms. A gift pack usually consists of three such reusable bamboos wipes.

Baby cloth diapers

A bamboo mat that comes handy when changing your baby’s nappies. Made of natural materials, they are tender on your babies’ skin.

Biodegradable Swim nappy – that are lightweight and fast drying, and a must-have in your baby sanitary bag especially when you take your little one out to the beach or swimming pool.

Last but not the least, a wet bag to keep your dirty nappies until you get home.
Also find from the Hippybottomus collection, a range of accessories that are all made from 100% natural materials and great for your babies and new mums too!

Biodegradable Swim nappy

Personalized gift wrap?

You can have your baby shower gift pack or newborn gift pack wrapped in an attractive package complete with a personalized gift card. You may also wish to create your own customized gift packs with items of your choice.

Zero Waste gift

Perhaps you remember the time when you were parents of a new-born and received gifts for your baby? Or perhaps you can imagine if you do become a new parent in the future what you would like to receive? Think about a special gift that you received from your close friend or family that really touched your heart! Try to put that same thought into your gift, and the receiver will surely keep you in his / her memory for years!

With the eco baby bag that you have filled with practical items for their babies, you have gifted the new parents, a start to a waste free journey!

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