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Essential Cloth Nappy Jargons

Wow! It's great that you decided to use reusable cloth nappies instead of disposable ones! By now you might have come across a lot of nappy words, phrases and jargon that may confuse you. Not knowing what they mean is an opportunity to learn more about the benefits of cloth nappies. So here are some essential cloth nappy jargons that may ease the journey towards using cloth nappies.



AIO Nappy: In an AIO or All-In-One nappy, the absorbent inners and waterproof covers are all attached or stitched together.

AI2 Nappy: AI2 or All-In-Two nappies are similar to AIO, with one minor difference. Here, the absorbable inners are detached from the waterproof outer cover.

Aplix: It’s just another name for Velcro, a trade name.

Axel Fold: It is also called boys fold, but it's not meant for boys exclusively. It is a procedure wherein you wrap an insert around the other to create a triple-layer absorbency.



Bamboo Squares: They are similar to terry squares, but are more absorbent than cotton.

Bamboo Terry: They offer three major benefits; they are highly absorbent, dry fast, and offer low shrinkage. Hence, they retain their size and shape.

Bamboo Velour: It is silky soft, and looks very similar to velvet. Hence best suited to your baby’s bottom.

Biodegradable Nappy: Similar to disposable nappies, biodegradable nappies are single-use nappies that go to landfill. They are better than disposable ones as they take less time to decompose.

Booster: It is just another word for a nappy insert. They are a little smaller and are placed with an insert for increased absorbance.

B2P Nappy: Birth to Potty Nappy or One Size Nappy is specially designed to grow with your baby from birth to the potty training phase.



CCN: It stands for Clean Cloth Nappies. As it involves the complex method of washing the soiled nappies, Hippybottomous recommends following the manufacturer's instructions.

Charcoal Bamboo: It has antibacterial properties and is used to filter smells.

Cloth Nappy: These are nappies made of fabric that can be washed and reused.

Cloth Wipes: Similar to cloth nappies, they are wipes made from cloth that can be washed and reused.

Cover: Also called Nappy Wrap, it is a water-resistant or waterproof cover used over nappies to contain moisture. They are made from various materials including Wool, Fleece, and PUL.



Diaper: It is an American name for Nappy.

Disposable Nappy: It is a single-use plastic nappy that takes up to 500 years to decompose.

Double Gusset: It is a double panel of elastic around the leg of a nappy or insert.

Dry Pail: It is a storage for used nappies, usually a wire or plastic basket. It is the best way to store used nappies rather than in sealed bags or soaked in water.



Fitted: It is a fully absorbent nappy. Usually made from bamboo or cotton, the nappy, including its sides, act as an absorbent.

Flanette Squares: It is made from flanette cotton and is similar to terry squares.

Flat Nappy: They are traditional terry squares or pre-folded nappies.



Inserts: It is the absorbent part of the nappy.



Hook and Loop: It is another term for Velcro or Aplix.



Liners: It is a thin piece of comfortable material added to the nappy against the baby's skin.



MCN: Modern Cloth nappies are reusable or washable nappies that are gaining popularity now.

Minky: It is a soft fabric used with PUL for a comfortable, soft, and water-resistant nappy cover.



OSFM: One Size Fits Most

OTB: On The Bum



PUL: Polyurethane Laminate is used to make the water-resistant outer cover for nappies.



Shell: It is another name for a nappy cover.

Snap & Go Nappies: Also called Snap-in Nappies, they are just AI2 Nappies.

Snaps: They are plastic poppers used to fasten the nappy.

Soaker: It is another name for inserts.



Terry Square Nappies: They are square-shaped terry cotton towels folded to be used as nappies.

Travel Change Mat: They are portable mats used to change nappies while on the go.



Wet Bag: It is a reusable PUL bag used to contain used nappies.

Wool Cover: They are over-the-top nappies used at night to prevent leaks.


Most of the materials used to make reusable nappies, liners and various other products come from natural sources such as fleece, hemp, cotton, bamboo and others. Hence they are safe for your baby’s delicate skin.

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