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Drying tips for Cloth Nappies in Winter

It definitely feels like winter has arrived here on the East Coast.
The air is nice and crisp in the mornings (well sometimes even all day long)
and all the winter clothes are back in use.
Perfect time for a hot cup of tea and lots of snuggles.
Winter can be very cosy but how do you dry modern cloth nappies in winter
when the days are short and cold?

Here are our tips for making cloth nappy use as easy as possible during the
colder or wetter months.
1. Set a timer for your washing machine so the cycle is done by the time
you get up and you can make the most of the daylight and warmer
daytime temperatures.
2. If possible hang them in the winter sun. The sun won’t damage the
nappy shells during the colder months. It is amazing how much the
nappies will dry outside even on those shorter, darker days.
3. Dry the nappies outside in an undercover area. This will protect them
from spontaneous rain and means they are still protected even if you
leave them outside over night.
4. If drying inside place them on a clothes drying rack in a sunny spot,
close to a heater or (if it is not too cold) close to an open window. A bit
of a breeze really helps to get them dry! You can also change the
position of your drying rack so it isn’t in your way.
5. Warm air rises so you may want to use a sock hanger for your inserts
when drying them inside. Curtain rails are perfect for this!
This is fantastic as you can move them around easily. Even having one
outside on your washing line is great as you can move it inside easily if
they haven’t dried all the way during the day.
6. Get a few spare/extra inserts. The nappy shells dry super fast no
matter what the weather is like. Having a few spare inserts means that
the shells can be back in your rotation while the inserts still dry.
7. Do you have a dehumidifier? Place it in your laundry or place the
nappies in the room with the dehumidifier and your nappies will dry
8. Use your dryer for the inserts. We would always recommend air drying
the nappies however we know that this is not always possible. Still we
recommend drying the nappies a bit first and just use the dryer for a bit
at the end. Just keep in mind that dryers will thin out any material over
9. What material are your inserts made of? If you use mostly pure
bamboo, hemp and cotton maybe add some inserts with a microfiber
core. They will dry much quicker during the colder months.

Have any other tips we have not mentioned?
We would love to hear from you!
Snuggle up and stay warm

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