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Do I need a Nappy Changing Mat?

As a first time parent it is easy to be overwhelmed by the choice of baby products presented to you. You may start wondering which of these products are the most necessary and which are not. This is especially the case if you are trying to be eco-friendly and make sustainable and environmentally friendly choices. One of the main considerations is to be as waste free a parent as possible, which means looking for reusable and washable options whenever possible in preference to their disposable alternatives.

So let’s consider nappy changing mats (and more specifically reusable changing mats) for your baby and why they should be on your list of essential baby products:

  1. A nappy changing mat makes change time a lot easier and cleaner. They will keep your floor or changing surface clean from messes inevitable at change time.
  2. They will make change time a lot more comfortable and safe. If you choose fabrics like bamboo for your reusable changing mat your baby will have a soft and enjoyable changing experience.
  3. They are portable, so you can easily take your nappy bag with your changing mat folded up inside
  4. Cleaning them is easy, by simply wiping them clean with a warm towel and then washable changing mats can be popped straight into your washing machine for reuse


So whilst many of the baby products you will be marketed to buy as a first time parent may be unnecessary, a nappy changing mat is one that we would highly recommend. And if you choose a washable changing mat you will be able to simply buy a couple of them and then you can reuse them for the entire duration of your babies nappying. Reusable changing mats, especially those made of bamboo, are sustainable and eco-friendly. So when you’re stocking your nappy bag, make sure to include a changing mat!

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