An affordable cloth nappy to keep the earth happy

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Bamboo cloth nappy inserts

RETURNS: We are happy to replace any faulty* products within 90 days of their purchase. They must be unused and unwashed, so please make sure you check your nappies before you wash them. Just write us an email first and we will communicate how you can go about returning your faulty* cloth nappies for new nappies. We pride ourselves on providing high quality nappies, so we are more than willing to exchange.

Any returns that we do receive we send on to the One Moon Project. This project takes the fabric from the nappies and makes reusable menstrual pads and distributes them to women in some of the world’s poorest areas. This way no fabric goes to waste!!! Check it out at

* faulty nappies are nappies with faults in the elastic, seams, or snap fasteners and do not include nappies damaged by misuse, normal wear or tear or nappies that leak or smell.

DON’T KNOW WHAT TO DO WITH YOUR OLD CLOTH NAPPIES: Donate them to families in Vanuatu and Fiji. Just head to this website and you will find all of the details about the “Nappies on a Mission” initiative and where to send them :