An affordable cloth nappy to keep the earth happy

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Bamboo Breast Pads for mum Microfibre cloth nappy inserts Wetbags for reusable nappies Reusable Bamboo Wipes for babies Bamboo cloth nappy inserts Wetbags for dirty cloth nappies when you're travelling or out of the house with zipper closure - waterproof with snap


Description: The same insert that as in the stay-dry natural nappies (2 layers of bamboo over 3 layers of microfibre).Can be used to boost absorbency of a night.

Wet bags

Description: Single zipper bags have one compartment, whereas double zipper have two compartments. These waterproof bags are great for when you’re out and about to store your dirty nappies until you get home.

Each bag is 30cm x 29cm.

Bamboo Insert


Bamboo Wipes

(15 x 20cm)

Single Zipper $6.95$4.50



(with gussets)

Description: This insert has elastic to help prevent leaks at night. Use 1 or 2 of these along with a bamboo insert to boost absorbency of a night (2 layers of bamboo over 3 layers of microfibre)

$4.90 $1.95

Double Zipper $8.50

 Ever Bamboo Nappy Bin

Bucket Deodorisers

(1 x 10g + linen sleeve & velcro)

Description: Made of 100%

 Natural Bamboo Charcoal. Place under the lid of your nappy bucket to absorb odours and moisture.


Reusable Bamboo Wipes for babies

Bamboo Burping


(20 x 40cm)


Reusable Bamboo Wipes for babies

Bamboo Change Mat

(40 x 60cm)

1 layer bamboo,

1 waterproof layer.




Description: Soapnuts are great alternative to laundry detergent. Natural & free of residues they are perfect for cloth nappies, but can also be used for all of your washing. For more info Click Here



(set of 2)

1 layer bamboo,

1 layer microfibre,

1 waterproof layer.

(NB. ‘Natural’ pads have an extra layer of bamboo and no waterproof layer)

Bamboo Breast Pads for mum



5 x bamboo breast pads

1 x GAIA Pure Pregnancy Nipple Balm

2 x bamboo burping cloth

Flushable Biodegradable Bamboo Nappy Liners


Bamboo Nappy


Flushable disposable biodegradable bamboo nappy liners - roll of 100

Description: These are made of Bamboo & are biodegradable. They are an optional sheet that can be placed on top of the nappy to catch and then discard solids.

100 Sheets/Roll


 Combo Pack - Nappy Bin

Bucket Deodorisers AND Refill.


 Pure Bamboo Bin

Deodoriser Refills

(6 x 10g packets)


Description: Our recommended laundry detergent - plant and mineral based and fragrance free

1kg Powder $14.95 1L Liquid $14.95